It is often hard to know how to achieve the balance between offering your child too much support (becoming the ‘over-anxious parent’) and letting things go on too long because you don’t want to interfere.

The job is made much easier if you keep talking to your son about how things are at school and get a good idea about how they are feeling generally about school. This will give you a sound basis for deciding whether your intervention is required or not.

If we have any concerns we will always contact you but we always welcome contact from parents at any time. Moving to secondary school affects each child differently and you know your son best, but if any aspect of school life is persistently distressing him then it is probably best to err on the side of caution and intervene early. Certainly if you have talked to him, offered reassurance, helped him come up with ways of solving the problem himself and things have still not changed, it is time to speak to the school.

Transition Guide

Guide to our school for new Year 7 students.

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A short tour of Birkdale High School by the Head of Year 7 Mr Carter.

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Log on to Edulink One and in the links section there is a video from your form tutor introducing you to your form room and peer mentors.

Uniform Shop (Monkhouse)

The school does not hold any uniform stock on-site and all uniforms need to be ordered from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists at Monkhouse.

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You are welcome to visit us at any time to see the school. T: 01704 577253, E: [email protected]

Uniform and Equipment

Policy Document containing guidance to our school uniform and equipment criteria.

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