Attainment & Descriptors

Information about reporting of attainment and grade descriptors of each subject are available here.

Attainment Reporting

A new grading system has been introduced for the new GCSEs. As such, we have changed our reporting system to reflect those changes. The information on this page applies to Foundation Stage attainment reporting.

Current Attainment Grades

Your son is awarded an attainment grade for each subject using the new Birkdale Levels, which are based on the new GCSE grades (9 – 1 & F). Within each level he will be given a subgrade (-, =, +). The example below illustrates what the grades mean.

1+ Has a comprehensive understanding of most of the concepts and skills required at grade 1
1= Has a good understanding of the main concepts and skills required at grade 1
1- Has developed an understanding of some of the main concepts and skills required at grade 1


At each tracking point the awarded grade is compared to the flightpath in each subject. The attainment grade is colour coded to show where your son is working compared to his flightpath (full reports show a written statement).

purple Your son is currently exceeding the expectations of his flightpath
green Your son is currently meeting the expectations of his flightpath
blue Your son is currently working towards the expectations of his flightpath

Other Indicators

Grades from A to E are also awarded, in the following areas

  • Attitude to learning
  • Behaviour for learning
  • Homework
  • Presentation

Grade Descriptors

Below you will find files relating to the grade descriptors and the detailed flightpaths for each subject. You may find it useful to refer to these when looking at your son's tracking grades.


Your son have been assigned a flightpath, based on his Key Stage 2 data for maths and English. For most, this flightpath is the same in all subjects, as it is based on his KS2 average. He may have different flightpaths for maths and English, if he achieved different KS2 results in these subjects. The flightpath maps progress towards his projected GCSE grade.

There is a flightpath for each subject. These flightpaths identify where your son should be working, at each tracking point. He should be aiming to achieve attainment grades within his flightpath or higher.

All subjects

All subjects in one file

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