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We are always looking to further develop our CEIAG and Work related Learning programme and engage with more employers and parents/carers. Here are some ways in which you could get involved:

  • Talk in assembly (08:50- 09:10)
  • Run a workshop about your job/industry/pathway to employment
  • Talk to students taking a subject that links to your career
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Offer work placements
  • Offer work shadowing
  • Take students on a tour of your workplace

To offer your support, or for further details of how you could get involved, please contact the school by email or phone to speak to Miss Bailey or Mr Marshall.

Local Destinations

Guidance as to future pathways are provided by Birkdale High School. On this page, there is information which students may be asked to use and links to website which may be useful to help guide post-16 destinations.

These are the destinations after Birkdale that most of our pupils choose. On each website you will find details of the different courses they offer; course requirements and general information about the colleges. This is also the best source of advice for up to date information about college open days and other events they host.

KGV College

College in Southport for mainly A-Level qualifications.

Southport College

College in Southport for mainly vocational qualifications.

Runshaw College

Popular College in Leyland.

Myerscough College

College specialising in qualifications for land-based and sports industries

Hugh Baird College

14-16 College in Bootle.

Range Sixth Form

High School in Formby offering Examination Stage study.

Formby High Sixth Form

High School in Formby offering Examination Stage study.

Christ the King Sixth Form

High School in Southport offering Examination Stage study.

It may be worth looking at the following pages for guidance if you are looking to stay local for education and/or a career.

Mersey Interactive

Next steps information and advice.

Liverpool Compact

Liverpool's Education Business Partnership website.

Careers Advice

We have career advisers to help you make the right choice.

Jo Edwards

Jo is in school to offer you help and guidance on all matters related to life after Birkdale High School. This includes:

  1. The right college course for you.
  2. A-Levels, B-TECs or apprenticeships? What's the difference?
  3. Information just about what you could do when you leave school.

Where: U15 Careers Base
Can't wait? You can email: [email protected]

If you still have no career in mind you may like to look in the 'job profiles' section – there are 500 in there for you to choose from! You may want to have a go at the "Skills Explorer". Bear in mind you have your mock interview to think about, your work experience placement and your 6th Form options to make decisions on in the very near future.

Careers Connect

The Careers Connect website will give you access to a whole variety of resources for you to explore in your own time.

Jobs For The Future

Liverpool City Jobs for the Future Booklet

Careers News

CareerMap Stories


Many people are now choosing to learn on the job and start earning as soon as possible. An apprenticeship also gives the opportunity to work for qualifications in your chosen field. You might be surprised to find that you can do an apprenticeship from anything from car maintenance to law.

For parents

If you are looking for a starting point, this site will give you advice on how you can support your son and the options available for financing his future.

University applications

You may be considering applying for university. UCAS is the main site that you will need and explains all the courses available in the country, how to apply and how to finance your studying

University Technical Colleges

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are schools for 14-19 year olds. They deliver an innovative, high-quality education that combines technical, practical and academic learning. In doing so, they offer students more than the traditional GCSE and A Level curriculum.

Specific Interests

These websites are for those who know that they are interested in doing, first of all the armed services; and then the NHS which is one of the biggest employers in Europe.



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