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This is the Mathematics department area where you will be able to access information about the Mathematics courses available at Birkdale High School. There are two subjects delivered within our curriculum: Mathematics and Statistics. Students can attain a GCSE in each one in their own right.


We at Birkdale recognise the integral part Mathematics has in everyday life. As such, we achieved specialist status in this subject area to raise standards through integration of Mathematics in all parts of our curriculum. As an academy, we continue our commitment to raising attainment within the important subject and throughout the school as part of our numeracy policy.

Mathematics is an exciting subject which is fundamental to an excellent education and to modern life. Most facets of life today depend upon Mathematics: from the basic but necessary home furnishings to the architectural wonders of the modern world; from the everyday transport we take for granted to our essential monetary system; from the manufacture of simple pencil and paper, to supercomputers and the boundless Internet.

Our modern world simply would not exist without the Mathematics.

Mathematics ability is not only an indicator of how well you can work with numbers, but also a measure of your logical and strategic thinking skills. Employers everywhere look for that all important "5" grade in Mathematics for that reason, regardless of whether the role involves flipping burgers or financial statements.

Mathematics is a core subject with good reason. It's the foundation of many aspects of life as well as careers. You will use it to budget and plan your personal finances, check the correct cost of fixing your car or to do a bit of DIY. Careers such as Engineering, Computer Programming and the obvious ones like Accounting draw heavily from Mathematics and are impossible to do without good Mathematical understanding. Other careers involving the Sciences (e.g. Astronomy and Medicine), Construction (e.g. Architecture, Construction work, Electrician) and Design (e.g. Newspaper / Magazine, Interior decorating) also require good application of Mathematics.

As you understand more and more Mathematics, you will see how it encompasses so many different parts of our daily lives and how deeper understanding of this subject is greatly beneficial and enjoyable.


In Years 10 and 11, we build upon the knowledge of Foundation Stage and follow a GCSE qualification pathway for Examination Stage. Our Exam Board is Edexcel. Students will either follow a Foundation or Higher route to their qualification. A majority of students will take Statistics as an additional GCSE.

Edexcel Specification

Link to the Edexcel Mathematics specification.


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During Year 10, the majority of the boys will work towards an extra qualification of GCSE Statistics. This course compliments the GCSE mathematics taken in year 11 as over 60% of the course appears in both syllabuses.

Statistics is run inside the maths lessons (4 lessons per fortnight). The course consists of two components. The Controlled Assessment (25% of the final grade) and a written examination.

The Controlled Assessment takes place for about 2 weeks just after the February half term. The boys are expected to produce a report style piece of work which sets up an investigation around a given theme. The boys will use given or collected data to support or disprove their hypothesis. The beginning and the end sections are done under semi-examination conditions, but in between the boys are expected put in as much time as possible and are encouraged to ask for help.

The examination is a single paper which tests their ability to sample, use and interpret data (2 hours for Higher and 1½ hours for Foundation). This exam is taken at the end of Year 10.

Statistics was first taken as a GCSE in 2005 and results have been exceptional. Last year (2014) just over 65% of the year group took the examination with a pass rate at grade C and above of over 95%(67.3%). Over 10% of the boys got an A*, and 31.9% achieved A or above (18.2%) which compares incredibly well with the National averages shown in brackets.

Edexcel Specification

Link to the Edexcel Statistics specification.

Foundation topic list

Topic list for students studying Foundation.

Higher topic list

Topic list for students studying Higher

Statistics Revision

Document with summary revision notes for Statistics.

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