We seek to positively reinforce the high standards that we expect of our students.

Weekly Rewards


Class teachers award merits for students positive contributions to the school community. These may be for classroom based reasons such as a good commitment and dedication to work and homework but they can also be issued for good deeds and helpfulness.

Golden Tickets

Each form tutor has two Golden Tickets to give out each week. These are handed out by form tutors at their discretion and can be for a variety of reasons. The Golden Tickets can be redeemed at the canteen at morning break for food items up to the value of £1.

Half term Rewards


Once every half term students are awarded certificates for 100% attendance. Each half term form attendance data is also analysed and the best attending form in each year is rewarded with a free breakfast.


Each half term form punctuality data is also analysed and the most punctual form in each year is rewarded with a free breakfast.

Half Term Draw

At the end of each half term the behaviour and rewards data is analysed. Any student who has 100% attendance, 100% punctuality and has received no sanctions are put into a year group draw. He five students who are drawn out of the hat in each year group receive a gift card.

Reward Trips

Attitude to Learning

Students who demonstrate a positive attitude to learning are invited to attend the Attitude to Learning rewards trips.

Students are selected based on the tracking data that is sent out to parents three times a year and refers to the attitude to learning grades that teachers award to students.

End of Year Trip

At the end of each academic year we invite students to attend a selection of trips. These trips are a way of celebrating the good behaviour, attendance and punctuality of the students. As a result, students have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for an invitation

  • Attendance – this must be 95% or above. It is appreciated that some students have medical reasons for not attending school and this is taken into consideration.
  • Punctuality – students must have a punctuality record of 97% or above
  • Merits / sanctions – students must have a favourable merits to sanctions ratio.

Attendance Matters

A first class education requires full attendance.

What constitutes as good attendance?

Attendance percentages are not like examination results; an attendance percentage needs to be in the high 90’s before it can be considered good. Consider the following examples:

  • An attendance record of 90% might seem good but is equal to 1 day missed per fortnight. If this continues from Years 7 to 11, a total of 6 months of education will be lost
  • An attendance record of 80% might seem acceptable but is equal to 1 day missed per week. If this continues from Years 7 to 11, a total of one year’s education will be lost

In order for an attendance record to be deemed good it must be 95% or above:

  • 100% - excellent attendance
  • 98% - very good attendance
  • 95% - good attendance

Each year, a number of students in every year group achieve 100% attendance records, showing that this is an achievable target.

Consequences of low attendance

Additional support arranged through:

  • Meetings in school with teachers/school staff
  • Visits to your home by teachers/school staff
  • Referral to the Local Authority
Continued non attendance could mean:
  • Issue of an educational penalty notice (immediate fine)
  • Instigation of court action, possibly leading to a fine of up to £2500 or even up to 3 months in prison

Our legal duties aside, the main consequence of continued non-attendance for your son could be reduced exam grades, a poorer education and limitations on job/career opportunities.

Remember - students have to attend to attain.

How can parents help?

We would like to thank the majority of parents and students who continually co-operate, helping us raise attendance levels. However, with your help, we can continue to improve our standards.

  • Make sure your son attends school every day, unless too seriously ill to attend
  • Make all medical appointments etc outside of school hours – except in emergencies
  • Organise family holidays during school holiday periods
  • Support your son in aiming for full attendance at school
  • Contact the school on the first day and each subsequent day if your son is absent from school
  • For extended periods of absence further written confirmation may be requested
  • Ensure your son is punctual for school
  • If your son seems unwilling to attend, contact the school as soon as possible; do not let your son stay at home as this could set a precedent for the future

How do we help?

We consider good attendance to be of such importance that we place a great deal of emphasis on it, and put considerable resources into promoting it. Below are listed some of the strategies used:

  • Inter tutor group competitions and rewards
  • Individual rewards for students with good and excellent attendance records
  • Regular promotion of good attendance in assemblies, form time and at parents’ evenings
  • Detailed analysis of attendance figures and trends for individuals, year groups and the whole school
  • Regular reports to Governors
  • Computerised registration system which allows every lesson to be monitored
  • Attendance office staff dedicated to the administration of attendance
  • Contact with parents on the first day of absence
  • Support for students and parents where attendance difficulties are emerging
  • Attendance information sent to parents to assist them in monitoring their son's attendance
  • Co-ordination of support strategies for students


It is the policy of this school that all students wear a school uniform. This ensures that we have a code of dress which is both attractive and practical and in which there is no social or financial distinction.

The school expects students to conform in terms of personal presentation.

Our school image is important to us and, since first impressions often count, we want our students to present a smart, business-like appearance. This is important on all those occasions when they need to present a positive image, not only of the school community, but also of themselves as individuals.

Uniform Policy

Document containing guidance to our school uniform criteria.

School Uniform Shop

Link to infomation about our school uniform shop.

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