Student Leadership Team

Student body providing community support and a voice for students in school issues.

Student Leadership Structure

The structure aims to enable students to develop their leadership skills as they progress through their school career. When the roles of Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy and Senior Prefects are chosen, the expectation is that the pupils applying for these roles will already have taken on responsibilities lower down the school e.g. Peer mentor, Form Captain, School Council.

School Council

This is a democratically elected body and the Form Captains and Student Council have Mrs Brook as their lead teacher. Form groups vote for form captains who hold a responsibility of communicating information to and from the student council.

This council is the main forum for student voice and focuses on three main areas: teaching and learning, charity work and improvements to school life. Form Captains and School Council meet on a regular basis with Mrs Brook to discuss progression and development of the student voice. The school council are responsible for representing the students of the school in meetings with a set agenda, they have the task of promoting new ideas to the Head Teacher, which they think will improve the school.

School Council

More detailed information about the school council.

Senior Prefects

The Senior Prefects share many of the expectations and responsibilities of the Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy. They play a key role on Open Evening and in helping with the smooth running of the School. There are many opportunities to develop personal skills and qualities, including leadership, responsibility, sense of service and trust. Their job is to help organise and support each other in tasks that they are given and play a key part in developing the school and supporting other students.

Prefect Handbook

Handbook for prefects.

Prefect Form

Prefect Form


All prefects are expected to lead by example. They are expected, therefore, to be exemplary in their conduct, attitude and uniform. Their roles, responsibilities and privileges include for instance helping staff supervise all students in school during lunch and break times. They must report to the member of staff on duty in their designated area and supervise other students as requested by the member of staff. Prefects have the responsibility to show parents round the school on Open evenings, and also take care of Year 6 students on induction days. Prefects are expected to be ambassadors for the school, demonstrating the correct behaviour and to represent Birkdale high with pride.

Student Leaders

The position of Head Boy is granted to a student who exemplifies good behaviour, academic achievement and excellent attendance. As Head Boy, the student is responsible for setting an example for other students at the school and for serving as a leader in a range of school activities. He has the responsibility of being a role model for the younger students, and to be proactive within the school. The Deputy Head Boy holds the role of assisting the head boy, as well as helping members of staff and other prefects; both Head boy and Deputy Head Boy visit primary schools to promote Birkdale High in the best possible way to younger students. It is their role to raise the profile of the school in the community, and to show the high standards expected at Birkdale.

Peer Mentors

What are Peer Mentors?

Peer Mentors are older students - usually the year above you.

They have been specially chosen and have received training to help them to offer help, support and give guidance to boys in your year.

Peer Mentors are also Role Models for younger boys.

All our Peer Mentors are approachable, friendly and are always happy to help.

What can Peer Mentors help with?

Peer Mentors can help you with lots of things in school, such as:

  • If you can't find where to go.
  • Talking through concerns about homework.
  • Advising you where to go if you have a problem.
  • Introducing you to lunch time clubs you can attend.
  • Sharing useful information about school.

How to recognise a Peer Mentor?

Birkdale has 12 Peer Mentors, the names and photos of each of the Peer Mentors are displayed on the wall as you enter the Canteen, next to Mrs Nightingale's office (our Learning Mentor).

Each of our Peer Mentors have a Peer Mentor badge on their blazer and they also wear a slightly different tie. Our Prefects also wear a different tie and you can always ask them for help and advise too.

Responsibilites & Expectations

Pupil Leaders - Expectations

  • Maintain a good behaviour, attendance and punctuality record
  • Adhere to the School Rules at all times
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students
  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible
  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment
  • Maintain a good academic record
  • Be a good ambassador for the school

Form Captain - Responsibilities

  • To assist tutors with ERIC each Friday and ensure their form has its own book box which is kept in order.
  • To collect monies raised during charity events and MUFTI days and pass to the office/appropriate member of staff as directed.
  • To organize and register the participants for Sports Day and inter-form events.
  • To collate items for the agenda for School Council Meetings, pass these to the relevant School Council Year Rep and ensure that minutes are fed back to the form group after meetings have taken place.
  • To undertake any additional duties as delegated by the form tutor e.g. maintain the form notice board.
  • To support the Charity Year Reps in coordinating charity events for the year group.
  • To act as a role model for students in the form and promote the ethos of the school.

School Council Representative

  • Attend School Council Meetings each half term.
  • Attend open evenings and speak to parents/prospective students about the role of the School Council.
  • Represent the views of their Year at School Council Meetings.
  • Feedback to the Form Captains and ensure any action is undertaken as directed in the minutes.
  • Be prepared for special duties, including attending events outside of school.
  • Help to keep the information on the School notice boards and website up to date.
  • Contribute to articles as appropriate for the Wednesday letter, Newsletter and local press.

School Charity Representative

  • To motivate their Year Groups and meet with Form Captains/Heads of Year to co-ordinate fundraising activities for their Year Group at set times within the school calendar.
  • To attend School Council Meetings when invited.
  • To raise awareness of different charities through talking to Form Groups, assisting with assemblies etc.
  • Be prepared for special duties, including attending events outside of School.
  • Help to keep information on the School notice boards and website up to date.
  • Contribute to articles as appropriate for the Wednesday letter, Newsletter and local press.

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