Service Logins

Services we use at Birkdale High and how to log in.

Birkdale Powered By Google

Birkdale Uses GMail

Please log in with your school Google account at, or any Google login but remember to use the full email address including

Common Issues

What's My Account Details
Your school Google Account is your computer username The password is the school computer account password.

I don't know my password
If your school computer account password is not working, you'll have to reset it in school.

Can I use email on my phone?
When you "Add an account" to your phone for mail or Show My Homework simply login as a Google account using your full email address

I'm really stuck
[email protected] is a technical support address publicly available. If your personal email address is not already on file in the school we cannot change your password until you see staff in IT Support at school.

Show My Homework Now With Google

Use your school Google Account to log into Show My Homwork

Website Login Button

Ignore the login boxes on the page, use the "Sign in with Google" button to use on the website

SMHW Website Login Example

Mobile App Login

Button to use in the mobile login page is "LOG IN VIA GOOGLE"

SMHW Mobile Login Example

Get a Parent Code

The school should have provided you with a code to register your own parental account that it attached to our student here. If not, any student can get a code for their parent/guardian from their account page as shown below.


You will have been given a username and password if this service is for you.


Supports Single Sign On with your school google account.

About Us

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Registered address: Windy Harbour Road, Southport PR8 3DT

Headteacher: G Bourgade


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